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Keeping the corners in check…and NO MORE FAKING IT!

While we all know the importance of finding ‘just the right spot’ for the plants in our decorating vision. We are certainly unaware of the possible impacts we are having on the complete scene we are creating as stagers. Plants can set the mood…

As important as making sure the flow of traffic around the rooms makes the most sense and encourages the potential buyer to fall in love with the focal point of the room, whether it be the magnificent fireplace or the panoramic view of the ocean.  It is equally important to keep your 4 corners free of the clutter, including the large fake plants we are inclined to put there by default.

If you are looking to stage a home for long-term, then I guess I can understand the reasons you may have to use ‘FAKE’ plants…however, that is not our goal in staging.  We are looking to warm up a space and encourage a quick sale!  So, use less ‘FAKE’ flowers IMG_3023and plants, unless they are undetectable as fake!

Fresh succulents are your best bet as well as the large greenery from our local California trees are the perfect alternative to fake plants.  These plants last long enough for photographers to capture the beauty you have created for MLS purposes, as well as provide a fabulous backdrop for your realtors during the open house.

A quick trip to your local Home Depot or Armstrong will be just the touch, to warm up a space and bring the green wow factor you may need to enhance your beautiful property.

So…please leave the fake leaves to the ‘yard sales’ and look towards a quick ‘home sale’ with live plants!

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