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Design as Art


IHD is a one of a kind Staging company who has the ability to take the most mundane or eclectic pieces, with which we find ‘just the right’ placement…creating art in a sense.

We consider the process of designing and staging to sell, a very rewarding and creative way of creating art.  Art is in the eye of the beholder and staging is no different.  The best designs in the world are the ones that don’t match!  But instead bring a purpose and evoke an emotion through design.

We believe that there is never a bad design as long as you are able to design with a purpose to make something more beautiful than when you started.  Art is lovely and therefore when you design with this in mind, you are in essence bringing your own version of Picasso or Michelangelo to life.

Now…Go and create art!  Be inspired by something around you; be it a beautiful piece of artwork or throw pillow…the steps to creating your next masterpiece is within reach.


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