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Top 10 Reasons to Say “YES” to Home Staging

patioQuestion: Should you stage your home before listing it for sale?
Answer: OF COURSE you should!

If the picture above doesn’t convince you (which one would YOU pick?), let us give you our top 10 reasons to stage your home — with IHD — before you list it for sale in San Diego.

  1. To give the gift of vision. Many home buyers lack the ability to imagine a property’s potential when faced with an empty space. They may feel a sense of detachment and fear when trying to project themselves into a place where nothing is familiar. By staging your home we create scenes that buyers relate to, and give them a concrete way to truly SEE what life might be like in this potential home.
  2. To give the gift of a faster sale – to yourself! Staged homes tend to sell more quickly than homes that aren’t staged.
  3. Spend a little, gain a lot. In most cases the cost of staging your home is more than returned to you in the form of a faster sale and much higher offers. Statistics vary but many sources point to the National Association of Realtors’ statistic that the average staging investment of 1-3% of the asking price generates a return of 8-10%!
  4. You have better things to do. Chances are you have some (or a million) better ways to use your time at this busy conjuncture in your life. Take this straw off the camel’s back and let us take care of the job of prepping your home and creating the strongest sales conditions possible.
  5. Experts are raring to go. A mechanic fixes cars. A teacher imparts knowledge. A chef prepares food. Every profession has its experts who understand the nuances and art of what they do. Us? We are experts at home staging. We see immediately the strengths of your property and know how to leverage them in the most efficient way possible. Take advantage of our expertise. Also, we love what we do!
  6. We know real estate. In addition to being great stagers we are also licensed real estate agents. We know the market and we know what sells. We understand buyers and anticipate how a home might best attract the most and the best offers.
  7. We’re not sentimental. Selling a home often involves a lot of emotion, and although we are definitely human we don’t get sentimental about preparing your home to sell. We look at the world through sales-colored eyes. YOU might like to leave Aunt Greta’s penguin statue made of clam shells on the front step, but we think one day soon you’ll thank us for stopping you!
  8. Tip the odds in your favor. Maybe you’ve got a scheduling imperative and you NEED to sell asap. Maybe there are a few elements in your home that won’t necessarily inspire potential buyers. Whatever the situation, put all the chances on your side by creating the most appealing package you can with a beautifully staged home.
  9. Your online photos will stand out.  A well-staged home catches the eye in online real estate listings, especially in a sea of unstaged ones.
  10. Did we mention we love our jobs? Working with a team that loves what they do cannot help but bring great energy to the experience of selling your home!


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  1. Stephen in Orlando June 29, 2014 1:27 pm #

    Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this article. The stats definitely are in support of investing some time and maybe even some significant funds into quality home staging. One such study even found that the same houses – after making use of home staging – dropped from an average of 166 days to 32 days on the market.

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