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Texture, texture, texture | Letting the Locale Speak

san-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companiesPeople ask, “Where do you start?” Staging a home for sale is a savant cross between deciphering how to bring out the best qualities in a home, and translating them into an experience that a buyer can connect to.

There’s a technique to get started that you can always count on – let the locale speak. There will always be something about a home that tells you “who” it is.

In this particular case, at a recent listing near SDSU in the College area, the front of the house is shaded by a large melaleuca tree. The paper-like bark of the tree and the draping fronds of eucalyptus-shaped leaves speak about the style of the house. (See picture below.)  They are full of texture and Nature’s voice. Strong, natural textures became the directing force in this staging.

For instance, the street-side bedroom was given rugged, loose-weave burlap panels to filter the view from the outside yet allow the natural light to infuse the room. The garden-side bedroom was loaded with bright colors and layers of fabric textures to reverberate the bright light reflected in the mirrored closets. The entire project lent itself easily to natural materials and elements that remind us of Nature — wood, wicker, metal, plants, flowers — whether inside or out. (Click on the collage to see some of the many textures at this staging.) The result is a place that feels in line with the style of the house and the neighborhood. It really feels like a place you’d like to call home. The property said “texture”, and we listened!

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