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San Diego Real Estate Sells in 24 Hours

san-diego-real-estate-stagingWe recently staged a San Diego home that sold in 24 hours. Why did it sell so fast? It’s a great property to begin with but lots of great properties stay on the market for longer than a day. One major factor,  according to the listing agent, was the staging. As stagers we were able to work seamlessly with the home owners (who didn’t wish to move out of their home during the selling process) to edit, organize, and clean their home in a way that allowed potential buyers to see the property in the best light.

We call this type of staging “Fluff Your Stuff” because unlike traditional staging where a new set of furniture and decoration is brought in to set the scene, we use a listed home’s current contents. With an eye for the real estate environment, we know exactly what to remove, re-arrange, and spruce up to make a place shine.

In this particular listing, among other things, we removed a large couch to make more space, moved furniture away from the large suite of windows to make them accessible, and re-arranged the remaining couch in an elegant vignette. (We also tactfully covered a puppy-chewed spot on the couch with a throw blanket – exactly the kind of thing you might overlook as a homeowner doing your own preparation but that really helps the overall effect). We added draperies to the bathroom to make it feel more spacious and reorganized outdoor furniture to give it an entertainment-forward feeling. We arranged for professional cleaning and window washing throughout. Our overall goal was to bring a spacious feel to the property and reaffirm each area’s purpose.

It was a success. The staging had a strong effect on the momentum of the sale. See more pictures below.

Call us today for all your San Diego real estate staging and home re-design needs. (619) 840 7979san-diego-real-estate-stagingsan-diego-real-estate-staging


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