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IHD Recommends: Our Favorite Staging Accessories

Staging a home to sell quickly is about making big changes with not-so-big accessories. It’s amazing what a little fabric, a little color, and a lot of imagination can do! Here is a list of some of our favorite accessories that make home staging pop:


1) Area Rugs

Whether it’s in the living room, dining room, or bedroom rugs define spaces. Sometimes a rug is even enough to define an entire room! Get a great area rug, grab a few big pillows, and a serving tray and voila! A room becomes a bedroom!

2) Throw Pillows

Sometimes changing the look of a room is as easy as adding (or subtracting!) throw pillows. For just a few bucks you can add a punch of color and a splash of fun to any room.

3) Side tables

Get creative! Any flat surface can be used as a side table? Have a great old suitcase? Turn it on its side and you have an instant and charming side table.

4) Lighting

Lighting changes the mood of any room, and you can change that mood with something a simple as little battery-operated timed candles. They’re inexpensive, safe, and can add the hint of drama every room needs.

5)  Curtains

Keep it sheer, keep it simple. Dressing up a window with a tension rod and white sheers means that, with no tools at all, you can cover a window while letting all the light in.

6) Fabric

From walls to beds to sofas and more, creating a cohesive look can be achieved with a few well-placed pieces of fabric. Decide your style, find your fabric, and use it throughout the room. Add the fabric to a canvas and hang it. Fold it neatly and add it to the foot of the bed. Drape it casually over the back of a chair.

7) Fresh flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? A bouquet in a vase says it all. Even a solitary bud can light up a room with its charm.


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