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Fruits of the Summer . . . And Vegetables, Too!

Infusion Home Design  (66 of 201)Summertime is all about abundance. Gardens explode with gorgeous colors. Vibrant red tomatoes. Deep green zucchini. Electric green apples. Especially here in San Diego, the edibles of summer provide us with the perfect way to accent a room, and, best of all, they aren’t expensive! All you need is a plate or a bowl and a quick trip to the market (or your backyard).

A few tips to liven up a space with a fruit and/or vegetable centerpiece:

1) Choose fruits and vegetables that will last. Apples, artichokes, even watermelon. Avocados? Not so much
2) Mix and match them in one big bowl, or use them singly as we have here in this photo
3) Use them in more than just the kitchen and dining room. Living rooms, outdoor spaces, even bathrooms.
4) In a few weeks, rotate them out and bring in more of the season’s offerings.


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