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3 Real Estate Staging Options | San Diego Staging

san-diego-stagingQuestion: No matter what kind of property you are selling — what is the best way to sell faster and for a maximum price? Answer: By staging it. Staging, like it says, sets the stage for potential buyers. By applying a professional eye, you can enhance what’s best about your property and fix or minimize less desirable elements. The results are usually stunning.

At Infusion Home Design we offer 3 basic levels of service: complete staging in an empty property (with our furniture and decoration), staging in an occupied property with your own furniture (which we call “Fluff Ur Stuff”), and a combination of your own furniture and extra pieces and elements of ours that we add to the staging.

Complete staging:  is our most complete service. You have nothing to do but leave us the keys to your empty property. We assess the property’s most salable elements and then bring in furniture and decoration to enhance them. It’s a purposeful cross between real estate strategy and design, and we do no more or less than is necessary. We always adapt the staging style to the property itself as well as a generalized impression of the style of buyer who might be looking at the property. Our results tell the story: here is a financial snapshot of a few of the properties we have staged in the past 6 months:

Address Listing Price Sold Price Price Difference Days on Market
9680 Jimzel Rd $449,000 $450,000 $1000 Less than 24 hrs
4422 Collwood Ln $318-339,000 $353,000 $35,000 8 days
5476 Redding $638-699,000 $692,000 $54,000 9 days

Occupied property staging / Fluff Ur Stuff: is a popular option that allows you to maximize your property’s saleability without having to move out before it’s sold. There are 2 sub-options in this option. We can assess your present environment and make suggestions as to what you, yourself, can do to make the home or property as salable as possible. Or we can assess the property and do all of the work for you. This option has the advantage of not uprooting you from your home, not disrupting your lifestyle with the delivery of furnishings and decoration, and generally being less costly than the complete staging option.

Combo property staging: is a great compromise between complete staging and Fluff Ur Stuff staging. We assess your home or property’s needs, make adjustments to your current furnishing and decorative scheme, and add anything we have that we know can give your property better odds to sell faster and for the highest price possible.

At Infusion Home Design we also offer additional services that other traditional real estate staging companies do not. We have the expertise to suggest and arrange for upgrades (painting, repairs, landscaping, and more) that can bring a higher return than your investment. We use a combination of real estate market trend awareness and design savvy to bring your property to its full selling potential.

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