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Block It Out, With Color!

4585-4th-street-053_webA space can be defined in so many ways — by its use, its size, its function. But color can define a space as well, and right now big, bold colors are in! Rich, saturated colors can be used to create excitement, enhance architecture, and define the boundaries of a room with color blocking.

But what is “color blocking?” Simply stated, it’s blocking off big areas with a single swath of bright color. Then doing the same thing in a different color to another part of the space. If you were color blocking in fashion, you might wear a fuschia blouse, royal blue pants, and a neon green blazer for a bold and eye-catching look. Each color defines the body and edges of the garment.

In home staging, the same idea applies. Bright orange walls with an emerald green area rug? Yes! You see both immediately and understand their functions. Royal purple draperies with lemon yellow sofas? What better way to frame a window or offer a seat?

Of course, not every space needs a neon yellow sofa or Home Depot orange walls, but, to achieve the same effect ,you can liven up a space with pillows and throw blankets in bright solids.

So, don’t be shy . . . color block it!

Outside Spaces Need Love, Too

Infusion Home Design  (71 of 201)Don’t forget that when staging a home the outdoor space is as important as the indoor space. This is especially true in San Diego, where outdoor living is an expectation.

Now, we all know that most outdoor furniture comes in basic brown or black finishes, which is just fine . . . as a starting point. BUT it’s your (and our!) job to add color! Pay close attention to the surroundings of the home. What is the landscaping like? Is it eco-friendly with rocks and succulents? Lush with greenery and flowers? Use these surrounding colors in your staging. Splash bright pillows on the patio furniture. Bring in more plants in colorful pits. Even adding a simple croquet set can bring in vibrant pops of color.

San Diegans love their outdoor spaces . . . help them see those spaces in new ways!


Infusion Home Design  (48 of 201)Pillows add color, texture, and movement to a room. It’s not always easy to know exactly which patterns and textures to use, so here are a few tips:

1. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors.
2. You can unite an array of different pillows into a cohesive vignette by using similar colors and making sure that the patterns are different scales.
3. More is more. Layer the pillows, but be sure to leave room for functionality.

And you know how you keep hearing that you need to karate-chop your pillows? You don’t.