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Block It Out, With Color!

4585-4th-street-053_webA space can be defined in so many ways — by its use, its size, its function. But color can define a space as well, and right now big, bold colors are in! Rich, saturated colors can be used to create excitement, enhance architecture, and define the boundaries of a room with color blocking.

But what is “color blocking?” Simply stated, it’s blocking off big areas with a single swath of bright color. Then doing the same thing in a different color to another part of the space. If you were color blocking in fashion, you might wear a fuschia blouse, royal blue pants, and a neon green blazer for a bold and eye-catching look. Each color defines the body and edges of the garment.

In home staging, the same idea applies. Bright orange walls with an emerald green area rug? Yes! You see both immediately and understand their functions. Royal purple draperies with lemon yellow sofas? What better way to frame a window or offer a seat?

Of course, not every space needs a neon yellow sofa or Home Depot orange walls, but, to achieve the same effect ,you can liven up a space with pillows and throw blankets in bright solids.

So, don’t be shy . . . color block it!

Fruits of the Summer . . . And Vegetables, Too!

Infusion Home Design  (66 of 201)Summertime is all about abundance. Gardens explode with gorgeous colors. Vibrant red tomatoes. Deep green zucchini. Electric green apples. Especially here in San Diego, the edibles of summer provide us with the perfect way to accent a room, and, best of all, they aren’t expensive! All you need is a plate or a bowl and a quick trip to the market (or your backyard).

A few tips to liven up a space with a fruit and/or vegetable centerpiece:

1) Choose fruits and vegetables that will last. Apples, artichokes, even watermelon. Avocados? Not so much
2) Mix and match them in one big bowl, or use them singly as we have here in this photo
3) Use them in more than just the kitchen and dining room. Living rooms, outdoor spaces, even bathrooms.
4) In a few weeks, rotate them out and bring in more of the season’s offerings.

Outside Spaces Need Love, Too

Infusion Home Design  (71 of 201)Don’t forget that when staging a home the outdoor space is as important as the indoor space. This is especially true in San Diego, where outdoor living is an expectation.

Now, we all know that most outdoor furniture comes in basic brown or black finishes, which is just fine . . . as a starting point. BUT it’s your (and our!) job to add color! Pay close attention to the surroundings of the home. What is the landscaping like? Is it eco-friendly with rocks and succulents? Lush with greenery and flowers? Use these surrounding colors in your staging. Splash bright pillows on the patio furniture. Bring in more plants in colorful pits. Even adding a simple croquet set can bring in vibrant pops of color.

San Diegans love their outdoor spaces . . . help them see those spaces in new ways!

Spring Is In The Home

Infusion Home Design  (68 of 201)Spring is in the air, but why not bring it inside? One personal touch IHD ALWAYS, adds, are fresh flowers to every house we stage. Spring is a great time to bring color and life into your home, and this includes staging.

Keep the flowers simple so they will not take away from the original beauty of the home. A white petal flower will bring a calm and clean feel to any property. A tried and true staple is the popular orchid, but white daffodils or lilies are a wonderful and inexpensive option. They’ll open up beautifully in a day or so, just in time for your open house, and they last at least a week!


Infusion Home Design  (48 of 201)Pillows add color, texture, and movement to a room. It’s not always easy to know exactly which patterns and textures to use, so here are a few tips:

1. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors.
2. You can unite an array of different pillows into a cohesive vignette by using similar colors and making sure that the patterns are different scales.
3. More is more. Layer the pillows, but be sure to leave room for functionality.

And you know how you keep hearing that you need to karate-chop your pillows? You don’t.

IHD Recommends: Our Favorite Staging Accessories

Staging a home to sell quickly is about making big changes with not-so-big accessories. It’s amazing what a little fabric, a little color, and a lot of imagination can do! Here is a list of some of our favorite accessories that make home staging pop:


1) Area Rugs

Whether it’s in the living room, dining room, or bedroom rugs define spaces. Sometimes a rug is even enough to define an entire room! Get a great area rug, grab a few big pillows, and a serving tray and voila! A room becomes a bedroom!

2) Throw Pillows

Sometimes changing the look of a room is as easy as adding (or subtracting!) throw pillows. For just a few bucks you can add a punch of color and a splash of fun to any room.

3) Side tables

Get creative! Any flat surface can be used as a side table? Have a great old suitcase? Turn it on its side and you have an instant and charming side table.

4) Lighting

Lighting changes the mood of any room, and you can change that mood with something a simple as little battery-operated timed candles. They’re inexpensive, safe, and can add the hint of drama every room needs.

5)  Curtains

Keep it sheer, keep it simple. Dressing up a window with a tension rod and white sheers means that, with no tools at all, you can cover a window while letting all the light in.

6) Fabric

From walls to beds to sofas and more, creating a cohesive look can be achieved with a few well-placed pieces of fabric. Decide your style, find your fabric, and use it throughout the room. Add the fabric to a canvas and hang it. Fold it neatly and add it to the foot of the bed. Drape it casually over the back of a chair.

7) Fresh flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? A bouquet in a vase says it all. Even a solitary bud can light up a room with its charm.


Looking for more home staging tips? Contact us here!

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The 7 Staging Steps To Sell In Any Market

In today’s real estate market, homes are competing in an enormous inventory. Your home must stand out. And home staging is the first and best way to make your home shine.

According to Barb Schwarz, one of the founders of home staging in the 1970s, defines home staging this way: “Home staging is professionally preparing homes for sale so that they appeal to the most amount of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time on market.”

But what to do and where to start? Here are Barb’s 7 Steps of Staging to help you out:

• Stand in the doorway of each room, and even outside the home, as if you were a home buyer, and
assess whether every area of the home best conveys what it would be like to live in the home for visitors
to an open house.
• Make a plan, and be open to change. We look at what the purpose of each room is, and what
scene we need to set.
• De-accessorize. Decide on what to pack and what to keep in each room and select which accessories you may use in different rooms.
• Remove unnecessary furniture. Again, less is more.
• Arrange the remaining furniture in the best way and re-distribute those you may be able to use in other rooms.
• Re-accessorize each room.
• Fine-tune each area of the home.

And Barb has some more advice to keep in mind: “The investment in staging is always less than your first price reduction.”

And keep in mind that here at Infusion Home Design, we can most definitely help you out!


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