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The Bathroom

We begin our day and end our day in the same spot… the bathroom.

Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, the feeling that you get from your bathroom space can set the stage for your entire day.

So why not make it stunning?

This is commonly an overlooked area, especially when it is not completely gorgeous at first glance.  However with a few strategically place items and a little bit of time, you will have a space in which to enjoy your morning coffee or watch your kids brush their teeth; in preparation for your most important day…TODAY!

Staged Bathroom 2Insider tips:

*At IHD we use simple grommet draperies for our shower curtains. Which bring drama and elegance to enhance the grandeur!

*Just by adding plush white towels and inexpensive pretty hand soaps you can dress up your space.

*Clutter is the enemy and anything that is ‘not sexy’ or pretty should be tucked away.  Simple wicker baskets with lids are our best solution for this dilemma.

*Introduce your senses to a small flower or succulent from your front porch in a tiny bud vase.  Or… snip a small branch from your shrub, this will create a lively space where you feel awakened.


Today is ‘special’…prepare for your day in the best possible space.

bathroom 1

Design as Art


IHD is a one of a kind Staging company who has the ability to take the most mundane or eclectic pieces, with which we find ‘just the right’ placement…creating art in a sense.

We consider the process of designing and staging to sell, a very rewarding and creative way of creating art.  Art is in the eye of the beholder and staging is no different.  The best designs in the world are the ones that don’t match!  But instead bring a purpose and evoke an emotion through design.

We believe that there is never a bad design as long as you are able to design with a purpose to make something more beautiful than when you started.  Art is lovely and therefore when you design with this in mind, you are in essence bringing your own version of Picasso or Michelangelo to life.

Now…Go and create art!  Be inspired by something around you; be it a beautiful piece of artwork or throw pillow…the steps to creating your next masterpiece is within reach.

The adventure that awaits!

IHD collage fb

Adventure is part of the job description for stagers…Every home presents a new discovery.

From the time that we first step foot on the property, we are on high alert to find the best ways to enhance the property’s assets and play-down the features that are not so eye appealing.   IHD, is unlike any other staging company!

We utilize unique pieces of furniture and decor for every property…we feel that a $6000 sofa from Restoration Hardware, will not sell your home…rather it will possibly cause the potential buyer to go out and purchase that sofa.  It is our belief that by  focusing  on the rooms and their major selling features, that you will get with the biggest bang for your buck!

We may achieve this goal by using a strategically placed vase overflowing with greenery, placed on a coffee table which brings attention to the adjacent fireplace… or creating a cluster of interesting pieces near an entry/or patio with a view, creating the perfect vignette.  Both of these scenarios create interest and keep the journey moving forward, ultimately bringing the potential buyer to put an offer on your home.

When a buyer can imagine themselves living and creating their own memories in your home, that’s when us as stagers know we have done our job!

Our inspiration can come from endearing monkey statues and stuffed animals, to the most exquisite dining rooms or ‘sexiests’ bedroom spaces…IHD welcomes the adventure of redefining your space and bringing out the best in your home!

Creating the Visual Interest Needed to Bring a Space to life


Keeping the corners in check…and NO MORE FAKING IT!

While we all know the importance of finding ‘just the right spot’ for the plants in our decorating vision. We are certainly unaware of the possible impacts we are having on the complete scene we are creating as stagers. Plants can set the mood…

As important as making sure the flow of traffic around the rooms makes the most sense and encourages the potential buyer to fall in love with the focal point of the room, whether it be the magnificent fireplace or the panoramic view of the ocean.  It is equally important to keep your 4 corners free of the clutter, including the large fake plants we are inclined to put there by default.

If you are looking to stage a home for long-term, then I guess I can understand the reasons you may have to use ‘FAKE’ plants…however, that is not our goal in staging.  We are looking to warm up a space and encourage a quick sale!  So, use less ‘FAKE’ flowers IMG_3023and plants, unless they are undetectable as fake!

Fresh succulents are your best bet as well as the large greenery from our local California trees are the perfect alternative to fake plants.  These plants last long enough for photographers to capture the beauty you have created for MLS purposes, as well as provide a fabulous backdrop for your realtors during the open house.

A quick trip to your local Home Depot or Armstrong will be just the touch, to warm up a space and bring the green wow factor you may need to enhance your beautiful property.

So…please leave the fake leaves to the ‘yard sales’ and look towards a quick ‘home sale’ with live plants!

Amaya 3 (2)

San Diego Real Estate Sells in 24 Hours

san-diego-real-estate-stagingWe recently staged a San Diego home that sold in 24 hours. Why did it sell so fast? It’s a great property to begin with but lots of great properties stay on the market for longer than a day. One major factor,  according to the listing agent, was the staging. As stagers we were able to work seamlessly with the home owners (who didn’t wish to move out of their home during the selling process) to edit, organize, and clean their home in a way that allowed potential buyers to see the property in the best light.

We call this type of staging “Fluff Your Stuff” because unlike traditional staging where a new set of furniture and decoration is brought in to set the scene, we use a listed home’s current contents. With an eye for the real estate environment, we know exactly what to remove, re-arrange, and spruce up to make a place shine.

In this particular listing, among other things, we removed a large couch to make more space, moved furniture away from the large suite of windows to make them accessible, and re-arranged the remaining couch in an elegant vignette. (We also tactfully covered a puppy-chewed spot on the couch with a throw blanket – exactly the kind of thing you might overlook as a homeowner doing your own preparation but that really helps the overall effect). We added draperies to the bathroom to make it feel more spacious and reorganized outdoor furniture to give it an entertainment-forward feeling. We arranged for professional cleaning and window washing throughout. Our overall goal was to bring a spacious feel to the property and reaffirm each area’s purpose.

It was a success. The staging had a strong effect on the momentum of the sale. See more pictures below.

Call us today for all your San Diego real estate staging and home re-design needs. (619) 840 7979san-diego-real-estate-stagingsan-diego-real-estate-staging


3 Real Estate Staging Options | San Diego Staging

san-diego-stagingQuestion: No matter what kind of property you are selling — what is the best way to sell faster and for a maximum price? Answer: By staging it. Staging, like it says, sets the stage for potential buyers. By applying a professional eye, you can enhance what’s best about your property and fix or minimize less desirable elements. The results are usually stunning.

At Infusion Home Design we offer 3 basic levels of service: complete staging in an empty property (with our furniture and decoration), staging in an occupied property with your own furniture (which we call “Fluff Ur Stuff”), and a combination of your own furniture and extra pieces and elements of ours that we add to the staging.

Complete staging:  is our most complete service. You have nothing to do but leave us the keys to your empty property. We assess the property’s most salable elements and then bring in furniture and decoration to enhance them. It’s a purposeful cross between real estate strategy and design, and we do no more or less than is necessary. We always adapt the staging style to the property itself as well as a generalized impression of the style of buyer who might be looking at the property. Our results tell the story: here is a financial snapshot of a few of the properties we have staged in the past 6 months:

Address Listing Price Sold Price Price Difference Days on Market
9680 Jimzel Rd $449,000 $450,000 $1000 Less than 24 hrs
4422 Collwood Ln $318-339,000 $353,000 $35,000 8 days
5476 Redding $638-699,000 $692,000 $54,000 9 days

Occupied property staging / Fluff Ur Stuff: is a popular option that allows you to maximize your property’s saleability without having to move out before it’s sold. There are 2 sub-options in this option. We can assess your present environment and make suggestions as to what you, yourself, can do to make the home or property as salable as possible. Or we can assess the property and do all of the work for you. This option has the advantage of not uprooting you from your home, not disrupting your lifestyle with the delivery of furnishings and decoration, and generally being less costly than the complete staging option.

Combo property staging: is a great compromise between complete staging and Fluff Ur Stuff staging. We assess your home or property’s needs, make adjustments to your current furnishing and decorative scheme, and add anything we have that we know can give your property better odds to sell faster and for the highest price possible.

At Infusion Home Design we also offer additional services that other traditional real estate staging companies do not. We have the expertise to suggest and arrange for upgrades (painting, repairs, landscaping, and more) that can bring a higher return than your investment. We use a combination of real estate market trend awareness and design savvy to bring your property to its full selling potential.

Texture, texture, texture | Letting the Locale Speak

san-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companiesPeople ask, “Where do you start?” Staging a home for sale is a savant cross between deciphering how to bring out the best qualities in a home, and translating them into an experience that a buyer can connect to.

There’s a technique to get started that you can always count on – let the locale speak. There will always be something about a home that tells you “who” it is.

In this particular case, at a recent listing near SDSU in the College area, the front of the house is shaded by a large melaleuca tree. The paper-like bark of the tree and the draping fronds of eucalyptus-shaped leaves speak about the style of the house. (See picture below.)  They are full of texture and Nature’s voice. Strong, natural textures became the directing force in this staging.

For instance, the street-side bedroom was given rugged, loose-weave burlap panels to filter the view from the outside yet allow the natural light to infuse the room. The garden-side bedroom was loaded with bright colors and layers of fabric textures to reverberate the bright light reflected in the mirrored closets. The entire project lent itself easily to natural materials and elements that remind us of Nature — wood, wicker, metal, plants, flowers — whether inside or out. (Click on the collage to see some of the many textures at this staging.) The result is a place that feels in line with the style of the house and the neighborhood. It really feels like a place you’d like to call home. The property said “texture”, and we listened!

san-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companiessan-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companiessan-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companiessan-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companiessan-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companiessan-diego-real-estate-home-staging-design-companies/San Diego Real Estate Home Staging Design/

Top 10 Reasons to Say “YES” to Home Staging

patioQuestion: Should you stage your home before listing it for sale?
Answer: OF COURSE you should!

If the picture above doesn’t convince you (which one would YOU pick?), let us give you our top 10 reasons to stage your home — with IHD — before you list it for sale in San Diego.

  1. To give the gift of vision. Many home buyers lack the ability to imagine a property’s potential when faced with an empty space. They may feel a sense of detachment and fear when trying to project themselves into a place where nothing is familiar. By staging your home we create scenes that buyers relate to, and give them a concrete way to truly SEE what life might be like in this potential home.
  2. To give the gift of a faster sale – to yourself! Staged homes tend to sell more quickly than homes that aren’t staged.
  3. Spend a little, gain a lot. In most cases the cost of staging your home is more than returned to you in the form of a faster sale and much higher offers. Statistics vary but many sources point to the National Association of Realtors’ statistic that the average staging investment of 1-3% of the asking price generates a return of 8-10%!
  4. You have better things to do. Chances are you have some (or a million) better ways to use your time at this busy conjuncture in your life. Take this straw off the camel’s back and let us take care of the job of prepping your home and creating the strongest sales conditions possible.
  5. Experts are raring to go. A mechanic fixes cars. A teacher imparts knowledge. A chef prepares food. Every profession has its experts who understand the nuances and art of what they do. Us? We are experts at home staging. We see immediately the strengths of your property and know how to leverage them in the most efficient way possible. Take advantage of our expertise. Also, we love what we do!
  6. We know real estate. In addition to being great stagers we are also licensed real estate agents. We know the market and we know what sells. We understand buyers and anticipate how a home might best attract the most and the best offers.
  7. We’re not sentimental. Selling a home often involves a lot of emotion, and although we are definitely human we don’t get sentimental about preparing your home to sell. We look at the world through sales-colored eyes. YOU might like to leave Aunt Greta’s penguin statue made of clam shells on the front step, but we think one day soon you’ll thank us for stopping you!
  8. Tip the odds in your favor. Maybe you’ve got a scheduling imperative and you NEED to sell asap. Maybe there are a few elements in your home that won’t necessarily inspire potential buyers. Whatever the situation, put all the chances on your side by creating the most appealing package you can with a beautifully staged home.
  9. Your online photos will stand out.  A well-staged home catches the eye in online real estate listings, especially in a sea of unstaged ones.
  10. Did we mention we love our jobs? Working with a team that loves what they do cannot help but bring great energy to the experience of selling your home!